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Carton Printers

For some applications it is not desirable or practical to fit an online overprinter - for example, when printing needs are intermittent - in these situations an offline printer is the ideal solution. Open Date offers a choice of offline printers that vary in sophistication from fully automatic to semi-automatic feed.

The MC Range is designed for coding and overprinting flat cartons, cards, skillets and cut labels. They are all portable and can be located either right next to the production line, for coding on demand, or remote from the production area for batches to be coded when required.

MC100 Off-line Overprinting Station

Online Thermal Printers

The MC100 is a semi automatic hand fed overprinting station suitable for a range of flat flexible packaging materials.Read More

MC810 Off-line Overprinting Station

Hot Foil Printers

The MC810 is an automatic feeding system suitable for a wide range of flat items including paper labels, cards, sleeves cartons, crash lock cartons and skillets.Read More