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CleanCode Thermal Inkjet Coder


CleanCode inkjet coders are low cost, low maintenance alternatives to CIJ, DOD and large character printers.

They can be supplied to fit directly to conveyors or packaging machinery, or can be free standing - using the optional floor stand - as well as hand held.

The CleanCode inkjet coder range comprises five models:

  • CleanCode EV1
  • CleanCode EV2
  • CleanCode EV1 LX
  • CleanCode EV2 LX
  • CleanCode Hand-Held

Ready to install straight out of the box, the systems come with mounting bracketry, a hand held controller with WYSIWYG display and tactile keypad for message entry. The printhead module includes an internal product sensor.

Main Features

  • Significantly less expensive to buy than continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers
  • Much lower running costs than other CIJ or DOD inkjet printers
  • Easy to operate
  • Ready to install straight out of the box
  • Compact, requiring little space
  • EV1 & EV2 use Hewlett Packard Inkjet technology
  • EV1 & EV2 LX use Lexmark Inkjet technology for one colour (black) coding
  • 42ml ink cartridges are clean and easy to install
  • The printhead is integral to the ink cartridge. When the cartridge is replaced, so is the printhead.
  • No make-up required for the inks.
  • Virtually no maintenance required. Simply switch the inkjet coder off when not required and store the cartridge. To start up just re-load the cartridge.