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Debossing Coders

Debossing Coders

Debossing is the process of stamping a mark without using ink or printing ribbon, into a receptive substrate material. Debossed marks are permanent and can only be removed by destroying the substrate. As no ink or ribbon is used, debossers are extremely economical to run.

Debossing Units - Discreet Marker Series

Open Date Discreet Markers are debossing machines designed for stamping batch or date codes into a wide variety of materials; these include labels, carton board and some films and use sharp faced (chisel edged) steel or brass type characters. They can be fitted to any reel fed packaging or labelling equipment and most cartoning machines, using either standard or custom designed mounting frames. Discreet Markers provide a simple, in-line, virtually maintenance free coding facility.

Open Date Discreet Markers are available as either cold or hot units. The Cold Debosser will suit most requirements.  The Hot Debosser is used where enhanced code definition is required or the substrate material is not particularly receptive.  This machine heats the type characters so that when stamped into the substrate, it will temporarily soften and then accurately retain the form of the numbers and letters.

Main Features

  • Honed bore for long life
  • Self Contained control unit
  • Heavy duty
  • Hot or cold debossing
  • Interlocked holder access
Specifications Debossing Head
Impression Area 50 x 25mm (substrate dependant)
Operating speed Mechanical control - 200/min. Electronic controls - 1200/min.
Cycle Time-Min 30 milli-seconds
Dwell Time 10-750 milli-seconds
Air Cylinder 40mm bore x 13mm stroke. Stainless steel, zero maintenance, precision air motor. Honed bore for long life, one piece piston/rod for optimum strength, bearings above and below piston for stability, heavy duty, heat resistant, self lubricating seals.
Dimensions 193 x 58 x 160 mm.
Weight 2.5 kg
Guarding Fully guarded with interlocked type holder access door
Air Pressure 4.0 to 608 bar (60 to 100 PSI)
Free Air Consumption per
228cc @ 6.8 bar
Air Connections 5mm push-in
Hot Debosser (as above plus:)
Temperature Range Infinitely variable between 80 and 250 °C
Warm-up Time Typically 5 minutes from cold.
Heat Source Stainless Steal Cartridge element, "under run" for longer life.
Temperature Sensor Negative co-efficient thermistor, accurate to +/- 2 degrees C.