Getting you up to speed

Timeline of Historic Events


Further agents are announced for Algeria: Nadatek SARL; Costa Rica: Codipack RI; Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: UAB Vygeja; Greece: Halos; Guatamala: Relaciones Industriales; Honduras: Facos de Honduras; Indonesia, Batam & Singapore: Muzatech; Morroco: Geissmann & Sons; Poland: Ankar; Portugal: Vitor Oliveira VREI; Romania: Aldo Business Group SRL; Salvador: Servicios Industriales; Saudi Arabia: Multitech.

Open Date launch a new hot foil printer - the Digi 3 coder.


Sadly and suddenly, the founder of Open Date, Ian Clatworthy died in his sleep on 3rd July.

The expansion of Open Date continues with new agents announced for South Africa: Goldpack (Pty) Ltd; Israel: ITAS; Iran: Sepand Pak Asia Ltd; New Zealand: Codemark Ltd; Serbia: MB Print d.o.o.; Thailand: QII S Co. Ltd.


New agents are announced for Spain: Igorle S.L.; and Egypt: Dani Pack.


Open Date's Technical and Training Department moves into new larger offices in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

Two Continuous Thermal Transfer Printers launched, the 53c and the 107c - allowing a much faster flow of product to print, through the use of continuous motion, rather than a stop and print process. Also launched this year is the Thermocode "E" to meet the needs of SMEs.

New agents are announced for China: Techgen Machineries Ltd; Italy: Yellow & Yellow; Korea: Servetec Co. Ltd and the Netherlands: De Koningh Bv.


The Thermocode "2" range of six Thermal Transfer printers was launched.


In order to maintain it's continued expansion Open Date move to new premises in Mitcham, Surrey (see picture on Map/Location Page) more than trebling the space available for manufacturing and administration.


Open Date celebrates 25 years of producing high quality packaging overprinters.


The Sprint 100 Hot Foil printer, an enlarged version of the Sprint Major was launched.


Open Date's Technical Department moved into offices in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. The Thermocode "S", an upgraded version of the Thermocode 5775 was introduced.


The Thermocode 5775, Open Date's first on-line Thermal Transfer printer was unveiled at the PPMA show.


Open Date Systems Inc. was formed in the USA working from premises in New Hampshire. The Eurocode 300, a large foil capacity version of the 150 was introduced.


Open Date Germany was opened to meet the demands of an already established market and to target new opportunities in the Eastern Bloc.


The Eurocode 150, a totally new Hot Foil coder destined to become Open Date's top selling model was released to the market.

In a move away from on-line printers and coders, the stand alone Fully Automatic Carton Overprinter was introduced.


The Sprint Major, a compact 100 x 50mm Hot Foil printer was released superseding the Model 5000.


The Model 5000SP large area Hot Foil printer was added to the 5000 range.


The Printmaster "S", an ultra high speed version of the Printmaster 1000 was released.

The Sprint Hot Foil printer, a non-cassette evolution of the popular Printmaster 1000 was launched.


The Model 5000S Hot Foil printer, an extended version of the Model 5000 was produced to meet one customer's specific requirement for multi-lane coding. After the success of the project, it was added to Open Date's product range.

The Discreet Marker, an on-line deboss coder utilising the Printmaster's air motor was launched.

Open Date France was opened in order to support an already healthy export market.


The Printmaster 1000, a higher specification version of the Printmaster 400, with 305m (1000 ft) foil capacity and standard end of foil alarm was introduced.


The Printmaster 400 high speed Hot Foil coder was launched featuring many technical advances including all stainless steel air motor and unique foil magazine locking mechanism.


The assets of a light engineering company were purchased and Open Date moved into their premises in South West London. From this time, Open Date have manufactured the majority of the components required to build printers and ancillary items.


The Model 5000 Hot Foil printer with a 100 x 50mm (4" x 2") print area was introduced offering customers the ability to print simple logos and ingredients lists as well as date and batch codes.


Open Date Equipment Limited was formed to meet the demand for quality coding and marking equipment.

The Mag-Load Hot Foil printer was launched in May.