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Multi Lane - Hot Foil

multilane hotfoil

Featuring multiple high quality Hot Foil printheads and with an independent foil feeding system, using one shared roll of printing foil, the ML series is a self contained multiple lane overprinting system. It provides an on-line contact overprinting solution where a single substrate has to be coded a number of times simultaneously across its width and where previously it has been necessary to fit complete hot foil printers for each lane.

Main Features

  • 305m (1000ft) foil capacity
  • Print area 50mm x 25mm
  • Proven reliability
  • Adjustable foil indexing
  • Full safety specification
  • Stepper motor drive
  • Temperature regulation
Print Area (per head) 50 x 25mm
Substrate width (max.) 1000mm
Minimum pitch between lanes 59mm
End of Foil Alarm Standard
Printing foil length (max.) 305m (1000ft)
Printing foil width (max.) 55mm
Printing foil indexing range 0.1 to 399.9mm
Print dwell time range 16 to 660 milliseconds
Head Temperature Range 70 to 220 °C