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Productivity and quality: cycle times count

Many of our competitors place emphasis on their print speed capabilities (mm/second), however in reality it is the total cycle time that is true test of a printers ability to achieve high production rates and maintain print quality. This is particularly true when printing batch and expiry codes, dates, prices and bar codes.

In fact trials at major pharmaceutical and food packaging companies have shown that the Open Date Thermocode Series 2 achieves the highest output speeds with minimal cycle times. The clear advantage of printing at lower speeds is superb print quality and extending printhead life while limiting mechanical wear.

Thermocode Series 2

Thermocode Series 2 Thermocode Series 2 is a high speed in-line continuous and intermittent motion thermal transfer overprinter range providing an ideal solution to virtually all on-line thermal transfer printing applications.

Compatible with most continuous and intermittent motion packaging and labelling machinery, Thermocode Series 2 is suitable for in-line coding onto most flexible packaging materials.

The range of printers can be operated locally from the user friendly control module, directly from a PC or via the Open Date Networking facility. To offer maximum flexibility each printer is supplied, as standard, with a copy of our Windows based format design software package.

Intermittent Motion Thermal Transfer Printers

The Thermocode Series 2 Intermittent range of on-line Thermal Transfer printers encompasses six models offering print areas from 53 x 53mm to 107 x 160mm.

Continuous Motion Thermal Transfer Printer

Available in two print widths, 53mm and 107mm, the Thermocode Series 2 continuous range can print images up to 500mm long and can be supplied in right and left handed versions.

Main Features
  • Ultra high speed operation
  • 305 dpi (12 dots/mm) resolution
  • Self levelling printhead
  • All electronic in operation needing no compressed air
  • Easy loading ribbon magazines
  • Wide range of print areas
  • Large capacity 3.5mb memory
  • Enhanced modular construction
  • High speed image updating
  • Real time printing facility
  • Electronically adjustable print position
  • Full networking capability