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Standard Frames

Open Date standard frames are the basis of most labeller installations and can be easily customised to suit most makes and models. Every effort has been made to keep them as compact as possible for easy installation whilst allowing the printer to print up to it's maximum area and anywhere across the width of the label.

All standard frames include lead screw adjustment for positioning the print across the width of the label. They do not provide any longitudinal adjustment. This must be achieved by making the frame adjustable along the full label length or by adding a print registration roller. Also it may be necessary to add further rollers in order to route the labels through the frame and hence under the printer.

Standard frames for hot foil printers include the necessary print height adjustment facility and a moveable print anvil. Standard frames for Thermocode printers include a fixed full width print pad and a toggle clamp operated tip-up facility, which enables the printer to be lifted for printhead cleaning without removing it from the frame.

Standard Frame
Standard Frame

Standard Frame to suit Eurocode range

Standard Frame

Standard Frame to suit Thermocode 53E